How to build a drool-worthy buyer journey trail [Infographic] Content Strategy

You know your story well. The story behind your brand is an important one to tell (and tell well) on your website. However, we often default to age-old storytelling practices: start at the beginning and tell the story to the end. In today’s digital marketplace, “once upon a time” can easily turn into “don’t have time” for your readers if they are led down a long and winding road to the information they really want to know: Can you solve their problem and are you the right person to do so?

Build a brand story that doubles as a buyer journey

Rather than miss an opportunity to lead your potential buyers on a journey, why not turn the concept of storytelling on its head? Start by framing your buyer’s key problems, then suggest a solution, and provide a clear plan of execution, finishing with enticing details and third-party proof. This approach cuts to your reader’s most pressing question, and then leads them on an engaging buyer journey that fills them in to your brand story with process details, credentials and testimonials.

This structure is a tried-and-true landing page copywriting formula that I think works well as an overall content strategy for a website, or pared down as a mini-strategy for your company’s About section. Follow the checklist in the infographic below to start crafting your own drool-worthy buyer journey-turned-brand story. 

P.S. I’m a dog person. Can you tell? 

Build a Buyer Journey Infographic by Leah Ryder


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