A fresh start Entrepreneur

I considered opening this first post in a number of ways: inspiring, witty, edgy, research-driven, personal… When it comes to communications, branding and messaging – all of these approaches can set the stage for a great story. But, as I developed this platform, the most important consideration for me (and the most valuable approach for you as you develop your brand story) is, and will always be: What is the one message I want to leave with you – the reader – in this interaction? And, that, is simple:

I hope that the time you spend with my work, thoughts, and resources becomes valuable time spent.

I hope that you find a new perspective, idea, tip, or resource that becomes your “something learned” for the day.

I hope that I will get to know some of you, work with some of you and, perhaps, even call some of you ‘friends,’ one day. 

So, welcome and bonjour to my new website, focused on Your Story  by, well, me – Leah Ryder – a creative services professional focused on content strategy, brand story development & digital and social marketing.

You can meet me in my About area, keep updated on the latest in content strategy, branding, social media and digital entrepreneurship on my Blog and reach me via my Contact page.


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